Meet the Super Civil Team

Meet the Super Civil Team
Super Civil is a West Australian owned construction company. We provide a one-stop solution and a full range of services for all your concrete and asphalt paving needs.
We place a strong emphasis on our quality of workmanship, superior client services, efficiency and professionalism. We carry out our works on a strictly best practice basis, using only top quality local materials sourced from WA’s best suppliers.

Our History

Super Civil has a proven track record of excellence that spans more than 20 years. Formed in 2010 by a group of experienced team, we now boast more than 32 full-time staff. We have the capacity to provide a full range of services for everything from large projects to regular paving, concreting, road maintenance and other civil works.
Whether you need a major construction service or a qualified expert for smaller jobs, we can provide all the services you want.

How We Help

The Super Civil team ranges from experienced project managers to highly skilled construction workers. This allows us to help you plan, oversee and complete a wide range of jobs. These include:
• Concrete kerbing
• Drainage work
• Carpark installation
• Asphalt paving
• Edge break repairs

Please feel free to call us on (08) 9452 8040 or (08) 9452 0864 and talk to our experts about your requirements. Expect only the best friendly service and top quality work from us.

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