Complete Kerbing Service

If you need to upgrade, replace or repair your concrete kerbing in the Perth area, SuperCivil can do the job for you. SuperCivil is an asphalt, concrete, and general road maintenance company with 20 years of experience providing top quality concrete kerbing solutions.

If you need new kerbs for your footpaths carparks or roads, the SuperCivil team can help. If your existing kerbs are in disrepair, we can assist you with this too.

New Kerbing for Commercial & Residential Properties

If you’re looking for new kerbing in Perth, look no further than Super Civil. We can take care of all your kerbing needs for your property. Super Civil has extensive experience in many residential and large scale commercial kerbing services, and the capacity to deliver scalable solutions to match any site requirements.

From project managers to civil construction experts, our whole team works with you to meet the needs of your budget, your operations, and beyond.

Kerb Repairs

Over time, kerbs can wear down, crack, break, or crumble, and property owners can be held liable for serious slip and fall injuries. Likewise, commercial properties without a proper kerb leading up to sidewalks or grassy areas can also be significant safety hazards. It’s critically important to ensure that you kerbing is in top quality condition to manage risks onsite.

Whether your needs are big or small, you can rely on Super Civil for all your kerb repairs. Our expert team has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and we are well equipped to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Talk to Super Civil now about your kerbing needs on 08 6117 8257. We’ll give you a free quote, expert support, and budget-friendly service whenever you need our help.