Road Maintenance

The problem that our large road network system has, is that many rural and regional roads are aging and were not originally designed or constructed for today’s traffic loads. Many rural regional roads are narrow and have unstable road shoulders which are not uniformed, have edge breaks and drop offs causing serious driving hazards for motorists.
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Road Shoulder Widening

SuperCivil’s innovative shoulder paver attachment is able to rehabilitate road shoulders with minimum disruption to traffic and offers custodians of the road networks the most cost effective and efficient option available today for treating the shoulders of Western Australia’s road network.

SuperCivil’s shoulder paving system is more cost effective than that of traditional methods of road shoulder repairs and widening and has the potential to save government road authorities tens of millions of dollars.

Road Shoulder Widening

Pavement repairs generally are done when the pavement is deformed and reached its life. Process to Repair:

  • Using a road profiler the damaged area of seal/asphalt and portion of the granular base course is pulverised to a depth of 150mm.
  • A stabilizing agent is added and mixed in, then re-rolled followed by a new wearing course of seal or asphalt.
  • Supercivil also performs this process with a deep lift asphalt.
  • In this process we will profile out a depth of 75 -100mm and dispose of the waste. The patches then will be filled with a stabilised material or with 2 layers of thick lift asphalt to form the base and wearing course layer.
  • The benefit of this process is that it is fairly quicker than the stabilizing process therefore less disruption to the road users and creates more flexibility.