The Importance of Resurfacing in Road Maintenance Projects

Resurfacing is a critical issue in road safety, in more ways than one. While the problems of slippery or poorly maintained road surfaces are obvious, there are other significant issues which need to be clearly understood.

Road Surface Dangers

One of the most common complaints from drivers around Australia is the quality of road surfaces. This is a perfectly legitimate complaint and is one of the major factors in serious road accidents.

Reasons for road surface deterioration vary considerably, but include a range of very dangerous hazards:

• Road wheel traction and slippery surfaces – Slippery road surfaces are usually the result of an ageing road. This makes it very difficult for vehicle wheels to get traction, particularly when wet.

• Road surfaces breaking up – In Australia’s hot climate, extreme heat causes road surfaces to expand and contract. This effectively breaks up the road surface, contributing to deterioration of the roadbed as well.

• Poor road maintenance – One of the most highly resented problems with road surfaces in Australia is road maintenance. While there may be many reasons for road maintenance problems, the fact is that poorly maintained road surfaces are extremely dangerous.

• Cumulative vehicle damage – Rough, bumpy road surfaces also do significant damage to vehicles indirectly. Damage to suspension and tyres may lead to deteriorating vehicle safety and expensive repairs.

The Measurable Safety and Other Values of Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing is a critical factor in road safety, but also a major quality issue for drivers. You can actually measure a dollar value for drivers in terms of road resurfacing.

Professional drivers, as well as commuters and residential drivers, benefit from good quality road surfaces in multiple ways:

• Better ride-ability – A smoother ride is more than just the better ride; it reduces wear and tear on passengers and vehicles and allows drivers to focus on the road, rather than dodging potholes and bumpy surfaces.

• Lower vehicle maintenance costs – How many times have you been surprised by the wear and tear on your car or truck? A lot of that wear and tear is caused by bumpy roads and stress on tyres, vehicle systems, brakes, and other systems. Even basic things like steering can be affected by bad roads over time.

Managing Road Resurfacing Projects

Storms, flooding, extreme heat, and in some cases road accidents may cause damage which requires road resurfacing.

The easiest way to manage road resurfacing projects is to ensure that local contractors are available to provide both routine road maintenance services and emergency services as required. This covers all bases and ensures that any dangerous road services are properly maintained.

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