Email 18 March 2015 
Hi Matt,

The guys came through this morning and did my asphalting. They have done a great job and I am extremely happy.

They are a great crew and all worked well together. They were efficient and took pride in their work. I know it is always unfair to compare against other work, but even my folks dropped by and commented on the quality, finish and the care that the guys took in the joints, caution rolling the ramps, the effort rolling to remove slight lines and general work ethic of the team, in comparison to the previous work they had done last year by another organization.

Please pass on my thanks to Dave, Josh, Ben and the rest of the boys.

Paul Fantuz


Email 20 January 2015
Subject: Fremantle Laneway Reinstatment works completed.

Hi All,

Works to reinstate the Fremantle laneway has been completed, as of today 20th January 2015.

The project team & contractor (Supercivil) have done an outstanding job to achieve this, persevering through many challenges specially in community engagement. It is a complex operation in restricted surroundings and aimed to minimize disruption to the residents who were impacted by the previous relining and reinstatement works. This was well understood by the contractor and every effort was taken to accommodate resident requirements to deliver this work.

Supercivil have been proactive & responsive, adapting to the operational constraints and seeking the best solution for the WC (thinking win-win). Safety has been a genuine priority.

Steven Mackenzie and Stephen Wiltshire are always ready to pitch in and work out ways forward, and adapt to make things work. The project team have been continually above the line, being personally accountable and aiming to achieve, not rationalize poor performance.

Thanks every one for resolving this long lasting issue and make the customers satisfied.

Kind regards,

Janarthan Ganesh
Project Manager
Project Management
Water Corporation


Email 20 January 2015
Subject: South Terrance and Carnac Laneway Owners’ Appreciation

Dear Steve and Matt,

On behalf of the Laneway Owners we send a vote of thanks to Water Corporation and Super Civil Staff for the thoroughly open approach and good outcome, particularly for resolving the drainage concerns we had.   In doing so we thank Water Corp and Super Civil for the positive approach taken as exemplified by Water Corp’s suggestion to clean the drain pits to remove overburden form recent and historical works.   This was a great gesture to the Owners.

Thank you.
Ian Brashaw: Principal Consultant


Subject: South Terrance and Carnac Laneway Owners’ Appreciation

Dear Janarthan and Steve,

I write on behalf of the residents involved in recent resurfacing works to the laneway between South Tce and Carnac St, Fremantle.

We appreciate your attention to this issue, and the successful outcome for all concerned.

We want to acknowledge the professional approach taken by Matt McDowell and his team at Supercivil. Matt and his team were consistently efficient and approachable throughout the work, keeping resident representatives up to date, and addressing areas of concern promptly and efficiently.

Supercivil’s water test at the end of the works proved that the laneway drains well to the soakwells.  The laneway is now back to it’s original state.

Many thanks and regards,

Simon Hall



Dear Sean

Re: Asphalt Works at YARA Burrup Fertiliser Plant

On behalf of Alliance Contracting, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your high quality of works undertaken at the YARA Burrup Fertiliser Plant in February 2014.

Scope of work included (but was not limited to) laying of AC10 asphalt with tack coat to an area in excess of 5,000m2, in a short period of two days.

Whilst acknowledging the professionalism and performance of your management team, our thanks go to the combined effort of all crew members to deliver this project successfully.

The group of individuals understood the importance of a safety culture and all elements essential to deliver works to a high standard of safety and quality.  All of which is aligned with Alliance Contracting’s company standards.

Feedback in regards to the quality of the product and works delivered is highly commended.

We from Alliance Contracting thank you, and wish Supercivil success in future endeavours.

We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Kindest regards

James Bridge

Depot Manager

Alliance Contracting Pty Ltd


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to your company as the site manager for Ahrens at the project in Newman OB24 Eastern Ridge where you company has just finished raising the pad for us ready for seal primer and asphalt.

I would like to congratulate your civil team for delivering a quality job under sometimes adverse weather conditions and in some cases lack of direction or completed drawings.

Your team, lead externally by Sean and on the work front by Mitch, were a pleasure to work with.  Their professionalism and attention to detail to finish their work with a high standard could not be faulted. Their professionalism when it came to paperwork, pre-starts, MSDS, JHA’s and Take 5’s could not be faulted either.  Their ability to work under their own supervision was refreshing.

We all know there a lot of rules to follow on sites like this and the team had no problems with compliance and often brought to my attention things I might have missed.  Their interaction with all other teams on site was great and their willingness to lend a helping hand from time to time is well noted and appreciated.

Their obvious experience and knowledge was a great help which also showed in their workmanship and attention to detail. Their attitude to get on with it and work through problems was a welcomed attribute and a great image for your company (Supercivil).

Mitch was great his leadership and the respect shown to him by his colleagues is commendable and shows of a well organised team wishing to produce high quality work.

Again, congratulations for a quality job – it was a pleasure to work with the whole team. 

M Buddeke

Michael Buddeke

Site Manger Ahrens

OB24 Eastern Ridge Forward Store



To Whom it May Concern:

Over the past few years Supercivil have been heavily involved in the Town of Narrogin’s construction programs. They have proven themselves to be excellent and affordable contractors who maintain a very high standard of work.

Matt McDowell shows great leadership in the Company and has always been available to come down and cost up even the smallest jobs. With himself and fellow staff operating the way they do, I can see them expanding into a much larger work force.

Some of the projects completed by Supercivil include:

  • The Homer Street Upgrade consisting of kerbing and asphalt.
  • Clayton Road Upgrade consisting of kerbing, asphalt and profiling (heavy haulage route).
  • Associated repairs with Water Corporation faults under asphalt footpaths.

All in all I have been extremely happy with the quality of work that Supercivil have provided the Town of Narrogin whilst they have been conducting works.


John Warburton

John Warburton

Works Foreman

Town of Narrogin


Hi Mark

Crack Sealing Works

Thanks for the effort Mark; the work got done the very next day, as the reseal was happening.

So thanks to you and your crew for the good work.


Peter Langan

Peter Langan

Works Manager

Shire of Boddington


To Whom it May Concern:

Supercivil have been and is currently involved with the Wheatbelt ISA Contract (Main Roads Northam Office)

I have utilised Supercivil for the past three years to assist my Department on the Reseal, Pavement Repair, Drainage Works and General Routine Maintenance Contract Packages.

Given their Reliability, Punctuality, Excellent workmanship and Professionalism, I would have no hesitation in recommending Supercivil to any client that wishes to utilise their services.


Leon Krige

Leon Krige

Senior Project Manager

Main Roads Western Australia


To Whom it May Concern:

My personal experience with Supercivil over the past 15 months has only been good – they are reliable and the workmanship is excellent.

Wish you all the best and success.


Chris Botes

Chris Botes

Director – Operations




Hi All

I don’t have contact details for all those individuals that worked on Justinian so if you could pass this on it would be appreciated.

I was called out to #7 Justinian today and was speaking with the residents and they asked me to pass on their thanks to everyone that worked on the street, commenting that all members of staff were “pleasant, helpful, kind, very respectful and extremely hard working”.  That went for the traffic controllers, kerb crews, concreters and asphalt crews.  They couldn’t thank you enough for the hard work you did on the street and wish you all the best.

It was great to hear this and it was said with passion and conviction.  I’d like to add my sincere thanks to everyone for the work done on the project.  Keep up the good work!


Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Road Resurfacing Supervisor

Melville City