Crack Seal Repair in Perth

Crack seal services for Perth & other cities

Super Civil specialises in modern crack seal repair for roads and asphalt driveways in Perth. We provide our seal repair services for homes, commercial premises and public roads.

Our Crack Seal Repair Services

We use the latest Emulseal and Bitulastic polymer bitumen to apply a strong bonding agent to surfaces. This product fully seals cracks and provides long-life reinforcement to help roads and driveways stand up to traffic. This highly effective sealant also prevents further deterioration in surfaces.

About Emulseal

Emulseal is a non-hazardous, reliable bonding agent. It prevents water from entering damaged areas and it binds the upper layers of the surface together, delivering a strong load capacity.

Emulseal is an ideal solution for managing cracks and gaps. It’s resistant to salt, chloride and intrusive moisture, all of which can penetrate the cracked surfaces and damage your road or driveway base.

Residential and Commercial Crack Repairs

If your driveway or car park has cracking problems, acting fast can avoid major costs. Before the surface deteriorates, call SuperCivil for fast, effective repairs for any kind of cracking or asphalt surface repairs.

If your surface has already deteriorated, we can provide a range of restoration services to restore your driveway or car park to prime condition.

Roads and Bitumen Services

We regularly work with local councils to provide a range of crack repair and bitumen contracting services. Our services are available on request or on a contract basis to meet your needs.

We also provide technical support and guidance for complex problems. If you have issues with drainage, site access, resurfacing or new constructions, talk to our team. We deliver top professional standards of workmanship and construction on every project.

Contact Our Team for Services

For more information and to speak directly to one of our experts, call us on 08 9452 8040. If you prefer, you can chat with online or contact us by email. We’re happy to assist and provide any help, advice or guidance you require.

Emulseal MSDS

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