Keeping Your Kerbing Area Hazard-Free

One of the most underrated, and most common, hazards to pedestrian and vehicle traffic is kerbing. Many personal injuries and a surprising amount of vehicle damage are caused by kerbing hazards.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, kerbing is very much part of risk management and can pose quite significant legal liabilities. When you consider that a single severe personal injury may cost millions in compensation, it is really well worth thinking about your kerbing as part of your risk management.

When Kerbing Hazards Become Financially Dangerous

It’s important to understand the risks related to kerbing, and why managing kerbing hazards is such a critical part of protecting your interests. Please note that the following hazards may represent extremely serious financial liabilities:

• Public liability – As a property owner, you are likely to be held liable for any injuries to people or their property incurred on your property. Kerbing injuries may include broken bones, head injuries, and other significant personal injuries. Vehicle damage may also be very expensive.

• Compliance liabilities – If your kerbing is considered potentially dangerous, a local government authority or roads authority may issue an order requiring rectification works. Failure to comply with this type of rectification order may incur penalties.

Kerbing Hazards and Property Asset Management Issues

Another problem regarding kerbing issues, particularly for commercial property owners, is that unsightly damaged kerbing definitely does not reflect well on property values:

• Failure to maintain kerbing doesn’t just look terrible – It’s the equivalent of actually devaluing your property. A potential property buyer will see a major cost in kerbing repair and replacement and lower their price accordingly.

• Poorly maintained kerbing detracts from your business image – One of the reasons that commercial property managers are very quick to replace and repair damaged kerbing is the extremely unfavourable image it projects and the lost business it represents. The bottom line here is that a bad image is bad for business.

Managing Kerbing Hazards

Best practice in the residential and commercial property markets is to ensure that kerbing is well maintained at all times and that any defects are rectified ASAP. The good news for homeowners and commercial property owners is that it’s easy to get the services you need to do a quick, thorough repair job with your local paving company.

Need Kerbing Services in Perth?

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