Choosing the Right Asphalt Contractor for Your Project

When you’re at the planning stage of a project involving asphalting, you need to consider a range of issues regarding contractor services, costs, and site requirements. The simplest and easiest mistake to make is not covering all bases, and it can cost you serious time and money.

Choosing Your Asphalt Contractor

Before you spend any money or make any financial commitments, you need to clearly define all the work that needs doing. This is very much like a business exercise – you need to map out your costs, risks, and the site needs clearly.

For example –

• Do you need concrete kerbing, in addition to your asphalting?
• Do you need to carry out refurbishing or repair work on an existing car park or driveway?
• Will you need drainage connections for your new asphalt?
• If you’re a business, do you need lining work done for your parking?

You can see how these extra costs and issues are likely to stack up and add extra dimensions to your asphalting job. In practice, you need a quote for the entire job, rather than a series of quotes for each separate job that needs to be done.

It’s much better to engage a single contractor able to provide all these services. Using multiple contractors for a single job can be a difficult administrative and management problem. The usual scenario is that one contractor or another can’t deliver on time, or that the job is left part done. Another often significant issue is that the separate quotes tend to be costlier than a single quote.

Selecting the Right Contractor

The next issue to deal with is selecting a good, reliable contractor. You need a contractor with an excellent reputation. The best choice is a local contractor who is easily accessible and has a proven track record of doing a professional-standard job for all the different types of work you need.

Ideally, your contractor should be a paving specialist known to deliver top quality workmanship and good customer service. These expert contractors can always help with onsite problems like drainage issues, kerbing, connecting road construction, road base work and maintenance. They can also give you the sort of guidance you need at the planning stage.

If you’re looking at upgrading and refurbishing your existing paving, a specialist contractor that also provides maintenance and repair services is also required. Again, a single contractor who can provide all the services you need in-house is the best option.

Need Asphalt Paving in Perth?

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