Giving Your Driveway a Makeover

An old, worn out driveway is not exactly ideal. It affects the value of your home (structurally and financially) and can damage your car. The longer you leave it, the worse the situation becomes.

A new driveway will change the look and feel of your home. It is an investment worth making for the future and the results speak for themselves.

The Benefits of a New Driveway

If your driveway is looking a little worse for wear, it is time to have it upgraded. Concrete and asphalt driveways will eventually succumb to the damage caused by excessive use. The advantages of putting in a new driveway include:

Added Value

Getting a new driveway can add significant value to your property. If the driveway leads into a garage, that value will skyrocket even higher. The average expected return for your home can be anywhere from 5-10%, so the return on your investment is well worth it should you decide to sell. After all, no buyer wants to purchase a property knowing that they have extensive renovations to do.

Less Maintenance

Putting in a new driveway is by no means cheap, but it can save you money in the long term. If you have a driveway that is made from cheap material, the constant repair work is both costly and time-consuming. A new driveway takes the stress out of constant repairs and cleaning. As well as that, your vehicles will be less prone to the damage caused by an uneven driveway.

Kerb Appeal

While it’s more of an American term, kerb appeal is definitely real and it refers to how your home looks from a distance. A new driveway will make a great first impression, whether you wish to sell or you want to improve the functionality of the driveway. The aesthetic appeal of a new driveway will add personality to the front of your home. You can pick and choose different colours and styles to suit your home. The choices are endless and the results will amaze.

Built to Last

When installed properly, the lifespan of a driveway is impressive. Concrete driveways can last up to 30 years on average. With proper care and maintenance, that number can increase significantly. A quality driveway should be able to withstand all the local conditions without any signs of cracking or shifting. Over time, you will need to monitor the health of the driveway but any significant damage shouldn’t be prevalent unless a major catastrophe occurs.

A new driveway can add much-needed value to your home. The aesthetic appeal and smooth surface will leave your neighbours feeling envious. To get the driveway your home or commercial premises needs, talk to the team at Super Civil. To find out more about our driveway services, contact our team today.

Our Different Types of Kerbing Explained

With so many types of kerbing available, it can sometimes get confusing. The important thing to understand is what kerbing is and the different uses it can have for your project. If you need new kerbing in the future, having a basic idea is better than not knowing at all. Read on for some advice from our experts.

What is Kerbing?

Kerbs are an essential part of the road’s paving. It is an edge of the pavement that has been raised by about 100mm. The main function of a kerb is to separate the road from the footpath. However, also kerbing serves many other purposes, including:

• Creating a barrier between pedestrians and vehicles
• Creating a path that helps prevent hazards
• Helping to ensure water flows into drains
• Separating your driveway from a garden edge
• Helping to prevent the loss of structural integrity
• Preventing drivers from parking on the footpath

Kerbing is needed in all roadside and residential construction. Without it, driveways and roads become too dangerous to drive on. Moreover, it is important to periodically check for signs of damaged or unrepaired kerbing as it can prove to be quite expensive and sometimes fatal.

Types of Kerbing

There are different types of kerbing that are categorised by:

• Size
• Shape
• Height
• Width
• Material (including natural stone)

Kerbing can sometimes be combined with a gutter to help prevent rainwater from blocking a street. The types of kerbing that are most common in Australia include:

Extruded Kerbs

Ideal for long, straight roads, this type of kerbing is used on highways and roads around Australia. Extruded kerbs are made using a laying machine. With a height of 100mm, the kerbing is ideal for major highways in Perth, helping to keep drivers on the road.

Barrier Kerb

Barrier kerbs are specifically designed to prevent vehicle infringement on the roadside. With a height of 150mm (minimum), it is perfect for roads with moderate speeds. They are most commonly found in residential streets and roads.

Quadrants and Angles

Manufactured and designed to complement straight and radius kerbing, this type of kerbing is most common with footpath corners and driveways. Coming in different heights, sizes and materials, quadrant blocks can be cut to angles less than 90 degrees. If you are not sure about the height needed, always speak to an expert.

H2: Our Kerbing

At Super Civil, we have been fortunate enough to work on a number of major projects around Perth. These projects include:

• Stock Rd and Leach Hwy: kerbing and landscaping upgrade
• City East and Gateway projects kerbing
• Fiona Stanley Hospital Kerbing, entrance and car park

Super Civil is highly qualified to handle any kerbing project. With more than 20 years in the construction industry, our expertise are highly sought after. Contact us today on (08) 9452 8040 or request a quote to find out more about our kerbing services.

What to Look for in a Construction Company?

The construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in Australia. The rules and regulations that have been implemented ensure companies conduct work safely and free from potential accidents.

Sign of a Good Construction Company

Not all construction companies are the same, though. Some claim to be the best but fail to deliver on their promise. Super Civil is a Western Australian owned and operated business that knows the importance of good work. The key indicators to look for in a good construction company are:

Hold All Relevant Licenses

All employees in a construction company, regardless whether they are full time or sub-contractors, must have relevant licenses. At Super Civil, we have 32 full-time employees that adhere to best practices when working. No employee can operate machinery without licenses and all our work is completed by a fully qualified and experienced professional. Unprofessional operators should be avoided. They may offer cheap labour, but the end result can cost you more in the long term.


In the construction industry, reputations are built on the operator’s quality of work and customer service. As a leading WA construction company, we have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With extensive knowledge and reliable service, we have established ourselves as a reputable business, built on a foundation of quality work.

Work is Safe

Australian building and construction regulations are some of the strictest in the world. These rules have been put in place to protect employees from any hazards while working. Hard hats are not the only protection workers need on a job site. Safety should never be compromised and we ensure both your safety and the safety of our team while working.

Materials Used

As a Western Australian construction company, we use the best locally sourced material on all job sites. Western Australia has one of the largest mining industries in Australia. Because of this, we are fortunate to have access to some of the best-mined materials in the world.

Don’t risk your project by choosing cheap, often foreign imports. Australian material is some of the best in the world, so why risk it on something that has yet to be proven?

Council Approved

Super Civil provides a range of services to not only on residential properties, but we have established working relationships with local governments and commercial establishments. These include:

• City of Melville
• City of Sterling
• Perth Market Authority
• City of Fremantle and Rockingham
• Royal Asphalt

Working with both commercial clients and local governments has given us the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects. This has given us the chance to engage in the community and provide quality workmanship where possible.

As a leading construction company in Western Australia, Super Civil has got you covered. We have been in operation for more than 20 years and we use the best locally sourced materials. For all your construction needs, get in touch with Super Civil today on (08) 9452 8040 or request a quote online.

How Professional Drainage Solutions Can Help You

It’s fair to say that drainage is a subject most people know very little about. The problem is that drainage can also be one of the most expensive problems any property owner can ever face. It’s important to understand the potential risks of drainage problems and know how to prevent them.

Drainage problems can affect all types of structures, including houses, roads, driveways, and any structures subjected to drainage management issues.

Drainage Problems and How to Recognise Risks

The best way to ensure that you are not exposed to the high financial risks of drainage issues is to learn how to recognise drainage problems. Please note – it is critically important to ensure that you manage drainage problems as soon as possible. Property damage can be severe, and the sooner drainage risks are eliminated, the safer your property will be.

There are several key indicators of drainage issues:

• Accumulation of water on roads or driveways – If water isn’t draining away, it may be beginning to infiltrate your road bed or driveway bedding. This can cause massive damage. You need to install proper drainage immediately.

• Potholes or surface irregularities – These localised issues mean that certain parts of surfaces are already subject to water infiltration. It is very strongly recommended to get an expert to check for drainage problems to deal with these issues before they get any worse.

• Soil movement around structures – Soil movement is usually caused by saturation after heavy rain or flooding. The possible ramifications of soil saturation can be extremely dangerous to buildings, roads, and other structures. Immediate rectification work is required.

What Professional Drainage Solutions Can Do for You

You could consider engaging professional drainage services as a form of risk management. Construction experts invariably emphasise the importance of managing drainage on site at all times, with good reason. Serious drainage damage can be sudden, and almost unbelievably expensive. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Drainage solutions may include:

• Installation of additional drainage to manage water accumulation – This is basic essential drainage, designed to ensure that water does not accumulate and infiltrate structures.

• Drainage works augmenting existing drainage – This type of drainage is designed to use with our existing drainage system and enhance its ability to manage run-off and water accumulation.

• Drainage easements – Drainage easements are designed to mitigate flooding, and redirect water away from residential areas. Your local council may be able to assist if your property is subject to regular drainage issues.

Need Help with Your Drainage in Perth?

If you need assistance with any kind of drainage problem in the Perth metro area, Super Civil is your local drainage service. We provide drainage solutions to local governments, homeowners, and businesses throughout the Perth area. Give us a call on 08 9452 8040 or 08 9452 0864 if you need immediate services or would like to discuss your drainage issues. We’ll provide you with a free quote and all the expert help you need.

The Importance of Resurfacing in Road Maintenance Projects

Resurfacing is a critical issue in road safety, in more ways than one. While the problems of slippery or poorly maintained road surfaces are obvious, there are other significant issues which need to be clearly understood.

Road Surface Dangers

One of the most common complaints from drivers around Australia is the quality of road surfaces. This is a perfectly legitimate complaint and is one of the major factors in serious road accidents.

Reasons for road surface deterioration vary considerably, but include a range of very dangerous hazards:

• Road wheel traction and slippery surfaces – Slippery road surfaces are usually the result of an ageing road. This makes it very difficult for vehicle wheels to get traction, particularly when wet.

• Road surfaces breaking up – In Australia’s hot climate, extreme heat causes road surfaces to expand and contract. This effectively breaks up the road surface, contributing to deterioration of the roadbed as well.

• Poor road maintenance – One of the most highly resented problems with road surfaces in Australia is road maintenance. While there may be many reasons for road maintenance problems, the fact is that poorly maintained road surfaces are extremely dangerous.

• Cumulative vehicle damage – Rough, bumpy road surfaces also do significant damage to vehicles indirectly. Damage to suspension and tyres may lead to deteriorating vehicle safety and expensive repairs.

The Measurable Safety and Other Values of Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing is a critical factor in road safety, but also a major quality issue for drivers. You can actually measure a dollar value for drivers in terms of road resurfacing.

Professional drivers, as well as commuters and residential drivers, benefit from good quality road surfaces in multiple ways:

• Better ride-ability – A smoother ride is more than just the better ride; it reduces wear and tear on passengers and vehicles and allows drivers to focus on the road, rather than dodging potholes and bumpy surfaces.

• Lower vehicle maintenance costs – How many times have you been surprised by the wear and tear on your car or truck? A lot of that wear and tear is caused by bumpy roads and stress on tyres, vehicle systems, brakes, and other systems. Even basic things like steering can be affected by bad roads over time.

Managing Road Resurfacing Projects

Storms, flooding, extreme heat, and in some cases road accidents may cause damage which requires road resurfacing.

The easiest way to manage road resurfacing projects is to ensure that local contractors are available to provide both routine road maintenance services and emergency services as required. This covers all bases and ensures that any dangerous road services are properly maintained.

Super Civil is a highly accredited, long-established road construction and maintenance contractor in the Perth metro region. If you need road resurfacing services on a regular maintenance basis, or even a contractor for emergency repairs, just call us on 08 9452 8040 or 08 9452 0864. We can provide all the services you need, whenever you need us.

Keeping Your Kerbing Area Hazard-Free

One of the most underrated, and most common, hazards to pedestrian and vehicle traffic is kerbing. Many personal injuries and a surprising amount of vehicle damage are caused by kerbing hazards.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, kerbing is very much part of risk management and can pose quite significant legal liabilities. When you consider that a single severe personal injury may cost millions in compensation, it is really well worth thinking about your kerbing as part of your risk management.

When Kerbing Hazards Become Financially Dangerous

It’s important to understand the risks related to kerbing, and why managing kerbing hazards is such a critical part of protecting your interests. Please note that the following hazards may represent extremely serious financial liabilities:

• Public liability – As a property owner, you are likely to be held liable for any injuries to people or their property incurred on your property. Kerbing injuries may include broken bones, head injuries, and other significant personal injuries. Vehicle damage may also be very expensive.

• Compliance liabilities – If your kerbing is considered potentially dangerous, a local government authority or roads authority may issue an order requiring rectification works. Failure to comply with this type of rectification order may incur penalties.

Kerbing Hazards and Property Asset Management Issues

Another problem regarding kerbing issues, particularly for commercial property owners, is that unsightly damaged kerbing definitely does not reflect well on property values:

• Failure to maintain kerbing doesn’t just look terrible – It’s the equivalent of actually devaluing your property. A potential property buyer will see a major cost in kerbing repair and replacement and lower their price accordingly.

• Poorly maintained kerbing detracts from your business image – One of the reasons that commercial property managers are very quick to replace and repair damaged kerbing is the extremely unfavourable image it projects and the lost business it represents. The bottom line here is that a bad image is bad for business.

Managing Kerbing Hazards

Best practice in the residential and commercial property markets is to ensure that kerbing is well maintained at all times and that any defects are rectified ASAP. The good news for homeowners and commercial property owners is that it’s easy to get the services you need to do a quick, thorough repair job with your local paving company.

Need Kerbing Services in Perth?

If you’re looking for help with your concrete kerbing in Perth, talk to Super Civil. We can do any kind of repair work you need. We’re your local one stop concrete and asphalt kerbing company in Perth. We have more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of kerbing in Perth, from residential to large commercial and local government paving and kerbing.

For all the kerbing services you need, call us on 08 9452 8040 or 08 9452 0864. Talk to our experts, and we’ll have your kerbing good as new. Ask for a free quote, and enquire about any onsite issues. We’ll be happy to assist.

3 Signs that Your Driveway or Kerbing is in Need of Repair

Have you ever seen a driveway or kerbing that simply looks uncared for? It looks terrible, doesn’t it? You may be surprised to learn that driveway deterioration is sometimes quite sudden, and caused by a range of unexpected circumstances.

The Usual Reasons Driveways and Kerbing Need Repair

While neglect is sometimes the reason for a poorly maintained driveway, this is definitely not the usual cause. In practice, most property owners are well aware of driveway and kerbing issues and sensitive are to any problems with property appearance.

The usual reasons are more complex:

• Damage – Over time, driveways may be subjected to a range of different types of physical damage, including deterioration or erosion of the ground around them, which undermines the driveway base.

• Run-off and drainage problems – Depending on the location, inadequate drainage causes water to accumulate and infiltrate supports. Saturated soil near the driveway is quite sufficient to cause significant damage to driveway edges.

• Progressive deterioration – This is often the case with older driveways, which haven’t been properly maintained, allowing defects and erosion to do more damage.

• Poor construction – This is usually the problem with older driveways, which may not have been properly bedded or were not professionally constructed. These driveways are basically accidents waiting to happen.

• Site issues – Common problems for driveways include steep gradients, clay soils, inadequately reinforced edging, and similar issues.

Recognising the Risks of Damaged Driveways and Kerbing

The risks to property owners of poorly maintained driveways and kerbing are significant:

• Vehicle damage – A bumpy, inconsistent driveway surface doesn’t do vehicles any favours and may pose driving risks.

• Costs – If you have been thinking that the range of driveway or kerbing problems above sounds expensive, you’re quite right. In many cases, it is actually cheaper to install a new driveway than to try to rectify the severe damage.

• Legal liabilities – Property owners may face liability for injuries or property damage to vehicles incurred as a result of poorly maintained driveways and kerbing.

The Three Sure Signs That Your Driveway Needs Repair

There are three basic indicators that your driveway needs to be repaired

1. Cracks in the driveway surface – As detailed above, cracks occur as a result of a range of site issues, including erosion, drainage, and maintenance problems.
2. Subsiding areas in the driveway – These irregular surfaces indicate that the driveway is basically breaking up. The driveway bedding has deteriorated, and these areas can pose serious risks of damage to cars using the driveway.
3. Discolouration – On the edges of the driveway, if you see obvious signs of changes in colour or other atypical surface issues, repairs will need to be carried out ASAP.

Looking for Driveway Repair Services in Perth?

If you need driveway repair services in Perth, talk to Super Civil. We can provide all the services you need, including kerbing and drainage works and decorative concreting to have your driveway looking beautiful.

Give us a call on 08 9452 8040 or 08 9452 0864. We’ll be happy to provide all services you need.

The Benefits of Using Asphalt for New Driveways and Car Parks

If you’re in the process of planning a new driveway or upgrading an existing one, it’s a good idea to look at your options for different types of materials. The most popular driveways these days are asphalt and concrete, while asphalt is standard for car parks. Both types of driveways have a range of benefits that make them a great choice.

Concrete Driveway or Asphalt Driveway?

You can get an excellent asphalt driveway for a very good price in comparison with concrete driveways. An asphalt driveway may, in fact, be a better choice, depending on your location and site needs.

When looking at the two options, you have several considerations:

• Cost – Asphalt driveways and car parks are cheaper than concrete ones. This is because concrete it’s very robust, but requires appropriate supports in different locations, which can increase costs.
• Maintenance – Concrete require less maintenance, but repairs are also likely to be a bit more expensive. Asphalt driveways and car parks also don’t have to deal with mud in winter and dust in summer.
• Site considerations – Asphalt driveways and car parks are better suited to gradients. Concrete may be impractical or require extensive supports on slopes, particularly on a difficult or complex terrain.
• Aesthetics – Asphalt driveways are aesthetically pleasing. They can be customised to provide an excellent exterior surface for your home or business.

Commercial and Residential Considerations

One of the reasons asphalt driveways and carparks are so popular is their versatility and suitability for different sites. Asphalt driveways can be configured to just about any residential or commercial site quite easily. Laying asphalt is also a comparatively quick process compared to concreting, meaning less downtime when installing a new commercial driveway.

For residential driveways, asphalting is the quick, simple elegant solution for most homes. This type of driveway rarely needs maintenance, reducing onsite costs while maintaining an excellent appearance.

Additional Works– Drainage and Kerbing

Most people tend to overlook the fact that driveways and car parks often require additional works like drainage and kerbing, to manage run-off and other requirements. When selecting your choice of car park or driveway, remember to factor in these additional needs into your budget. Speak to your contractor first regarding these important issues.

Looking for an Asphalt Contractor in Perth?

If you’re looking for an asphalt paving company in Perth, Super Civil can do all the work, including the installation of your new asphalt surface or repairs on an existing driveway, car park, drainage, and kerbing. We also provide expert guidance and advisory services to ensure all of your needs are met.

We are happy to provide an on-site inspection, and help you plan your car park or driveway exactly the way you want. We’ll also be able to give you useful tips and technical advice regarding any construction issues.

Call us on 08 9452 8040 or 08 9452 0864 and talk to one of our friendly experts. We’ll provide a free quote for all the services you need.