3 Signs that Your Driveway or Kerbing is in Need of Repair

Have you ever seen a driveway or kerbing that simply looks uncared for? It looks terrible, doesn’t it? You may be surprised to learn that driveway deterioration is sometimes quite sudden, and caused by a range of unexpected circumstances.

The Usual Reasons Driveways and Kerbing Need Repair

While neglect is sometimes the reason for a poorly maintained driveway, this is definitely not the usual cause. In practice, most property owners are well aware of driveway and kerbing issues and sensitive are to any problems with property appearance.

The usual reasons are more complex:

• Damage – Over time, driveways may be subjected to a range of different types of physical damage, including deterioration or erosion of the ground around them, which undermines the driveway base.

• Run-off and drainage problems – Depending on the location, inadequate drainage causes water to accumulate and infiltrate supports. Saturated soil near the driveway is quite sufficient to cause significant damage to driveway edges.

• Progressive deterioration – This is often the case with older driveways, which haven’t been properly maintained, allowing defects and erosion to do more damage.

• Poor construction – This is usually the problem with older driveways, which may not have been properly bedded or were not professionally constructed. These driveways are basically accidents waiting to happen.

• Site issues – Common problems for driveways include steep gradients, clay soils, inadequately reinforced edging, and similar issues.

Recognising the Risks of Damaged Driveways and Kerbing

The risks to property owners of poorly maintained driveways and kerbing are significant:

• Vehicle damage – A bumpy, inconsistent driveway surface doesn’t do vehicles any favours and may pose driving risks.

• Costs – If you have been thinking that the range of driveway or kerbing problems above sounds expensive, you’re quite right. In many cases, it is actually cheaper to install a new driveway than to try to rectify the severe damage.

• Legal liabilities – Property owners may face liability for injuries or property damage to vehicles incurred as a result of poorly maintained driveways and kerbing.

The Three Sure Signs That Your Driveway Needs Repair

There are three basic indicators that your driveway needs to be repaired

1. Cracks in the driveway surface – As detailed above, cracks occur as a result of a range of site issues, including erosion, drainage, and maintenance problems.
2. Subsiding areas in the driveway – These irregular surfaces indicate that the driveway is basically breaking up. The driveway bedding has deteriorated, and these areas can pose serious risks of damage to cars using the driveway.
3. Discolouration – On the edges of the driveway, if you see obvious signs of changes in colour or other atypical surface issues, repairs will need to be carried out ASAP.

Looking for Driveway Repair Services in Perth?

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